The Early Years – 1987 and 1988

Original Barracuda with roll cageIn 1973 I had acquired my first 1965 Barracuda. It was a Formula “S” (273 cid/235 h.p) with a 4-speed. I restored the Barracuda and drove it on the street until 1980. In 1980 the Barracuda was sold to buy office furnishings and equipment for my first professional accounting practice. (The desk I use to this day was purchased with part of the sale proceeds.)

In 1987 I purchased my second 1965 Barracuda. It was a tired street car and my original plan was to build the Barracuda for street/strip use with the drive train from a “340” Duster or Dart. However things got out of hand and the Barracuda became a full time race car.

The finished Barracuda - May 1988The Barracuda made its first appearance at Saskatchewan International Raceway in May 1988. It ran low 12 second ET’s at 112 mph. It was a learning year and I remember only winning one or two rounds of competition that year.

This Barracuda was built with ample assistance from SuperStock racer Vic Halabura and his shop, Action Auto Centre. Vic had closed his shop in 1987 and was managing a parts and high-performance shop, AutoTec Action Centre, for the AutoTec Oil chain of gas bars and service stations. (Over 60 locations in Western Canada). In the fall of 1988 I partnered with Vic and purchased his former race car, a 1967 Camaro SuperStock. Our plan was to approach the management of AutoTec Oil for sponsorship of both the Camaro and our 1965 Barracuda.

The 1967 Camaro SuperStock


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  • MARCH 1, 2014

    Sponsorship Renewals

    Knight Archer Insurance Ltd. and Quality Tire Service Ltd. have returned for a third year with Knight Motorsports.

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  • SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

    No Winners this Weekend

    This weekend marked the end of the season for Knight Motorsports.

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  • SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

    Season Final – Saskatchewan International Raceway

    Great weather and racing conditions in Saskatoon resulting in many of race teams running personal bests.  However it was not to be for the Quality Tire Service Cuda. 

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  • SEPTEMBER 9, 2013

    Rain Out in Swift Current

    This weekend’s racing was 50/50.  The Quality Tire Service Superstreet Cuda stayed home from our planned attendance in Swift Current due to the rain forecast.