Queen City Raceway – 1996 and 1997

Beginning in early 1996 I had begun working with the Kings Park Drag Racing Association (Drag racers from Regina and southern Saskatchewan) on the feasibility of constructing a drag strip in Regina. The initial feasibility was promising and in the fall of 1996 Diane and I returned to our home town of Regina to help further develop the goal of constructing a drag strip near Regina at the city-owned Kings Park Recreation Area. By the spring of 1997 a business plan was completed and preliminary engineering on the site completed. Cost of constructing Queen City Raceway was estimated at $1.4 million.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2007 financing options were pursued. The Kings Park Drag Racing Association and its members raised $100,000. in cash and $100,000. in donated services. Investors committed $300,000. and the Business Development Bank offered to finance $750,000. (Subsequently reduced to $500,000.) The traditional sources of financing (Banks and Credit Unions) were reluctant to participate due to a lack of experience and knowledge regarding the operation of a drag racing facility. Provincial government loan guarantees were available for tourism facilities but the government felt the tourism effects were not large enough to warrant their involvement. The funding was $400,000. short. In September 2007 the Kings Park Drag Racing Association decided to drop the project and dissolved in November 2007.

We had been very involved with the Kings Park Drag Racing Association in pursuing the goal of establishing Queen City Raceway and as a result we had not raced in 1997. This was the first year since 1988 that we had not raced. We had sold Diane’s Barracuda but the Superstreet Barracuda was ready to go.

George and Diane

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