2012 Louis Martin Junior Dragster

Alaina KnightBest performance to date:
May 27, 2012
8.969 ET at 73.96 MPH
Saskatchewan International Raceway – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


The Junior Dragster was custom built by Louis Martin for Alaina Knight.  It was completed in April of 2012 in order to be ready for the racing season.   Once the Junior Dragster was ready to go it was painted by East Wey Autobody and wrapped in the Knight Archer logo.

Engine and Clutch

  • Blossom Rhino 2 with 3.140 bore with thick sleeve to set up for 8.90 ET
  • ARC billet crank – 1" journal 3" stroke
  • ARC billet stroker connecting rod – 4.225"
  • Blossom billet head
  • Blossom .436 lift cam
  • Titanium valves
  • JE piston
  • 33mm Mikuni flat slide carburetor w/billet top
  • Hi-output Magneto ignition firing a NGK spark plug
  • Chrome header
  • Drive train consists of a center splined rear axle, #415 chain, and dual 6' disc brakes with dual Teflon braided brake lines
  • Produces approximately 33 horsepower
  • Terminator 5" clutch
  • VP Methanol fuel


  • Mirror black deflector plate
  • Martin Components Billet front spindles
  • Billet rack and pinion steering
  • Motivational Tubing mechanical kill switch
  • Martin Components Micro adjust pedal system w/throttle stop
  • Floristic billet front wheels
  • TF100 front tires (smooth tread)
  • MT 18X8–8 slicks
  • Billet sprockets (66/12 teeth) 5.50 gear
  • Billet fuel cell
  • Aluminum baffled breather
  • MyChron 4-660 data recorder
  • Billet tail light w/flag holder
  • Billet dial board

Other Construction Details

  • Chassis is 20" wide and is a stiffer chassis designed to handle the horsepower of the Rhino 2 at 7.90 ET
  • Safety equipment consists of Crow Kamlock seat belts, neck collar, gloves and fire suit. The helmet is by HJC
  • This engine will begin life with a smaller bore for the 8.90 class but is able to grow with your young driver.  It comes with large valves (1.75 intake and 1.45 exhaust) and CNC ports but with the small bore will run the 8.90 class.  If the driver  continues to grow, we can increase the bore to 3.25 the following year allowing the driver to be very near the 8.90 index for the next 3 years.  When the driver reaches the 7.90 class at age 13, the bore can be increased to 3.50, which will increase the horsepower to approximately 46, and 85 mph
  • Graphics for the dragster were designed by Guy Laird of RealGoneGuy graphics in Regina
  • For the most current news and results visit us on Facebook at Knight Motorsports.

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