July 12, 2012

Transformation – RealGoneGuy Graphics

On our return to racing in 2011 one of my intents was to change the paint scheme for the Superstreet Barracuda. The existing paint scheme had been designed by Bruce Williams in Saskatoon for our Autotec sponsorship in 1998. Over the years some changes had been made but it was still the same paint scheme and I was ready for a change. However I was now in Regina and my past two design guys were in Saskatoon (Bruce Williams) and Edmonton (Dave Dunbar – Ace Fine Lines).

However a number of years ago I had met (through Knight Motorsport Collectables) a friend of Dave Dunbar who was in the design field. Guy Laird had been employed at the Leader Post for numerous years until his job was out-sourced and he was now doing free-lance work. We started off with some small design projects and Guy is now responsible for the design and art work I need for Knight Motorsports. Guy is a commercial illustrator, graphic designer and creative consultant and best of all he’s a car “Guy” with a decided leaning towards Mopars. You can check out his work at www.realgoneguy.blogspot.ca and reach him at (306) 539-6248.

What follows is the creative process that began with my desire to change the paint scheme on the Superstreet Barracuda to something different and then to adopt the planned changes to incorporate the logo and colours of sponsor Quality Tire Service Ltd. Guy took my thoughts and ideas and incorporated them into a finished product that gave me the different look I wanted and met the needs of representing Quality Tire Service Ltd.

Knight Motorsports Barracuda Superstreet 

Barracuda Superstreet with the original 1998 paint scheme as modified by Dave Dunbar over the intervening years.



Our first decision was to incorporate a basic black and white paint scheme to build on.




This was one of the first versions that incorporated the Knight Motorsports logo and the red and black checkered flag motif from the website. (There are at least 8 more versions of this paint scheme as I threw out ideas and Guy Laird adopted them. We ended up back at one of Guy’s first designs.)




This version toned down the red and black checkered flag motif but left the design to “plain”.




The addition of a fading red strip below the Knight Motorsports logo took away the “plainness”. This was going to be the final design with the addition of contingency decals through the lower black area to finish the car.That changed when Quality Tire Service Ltd. became the major sponsor of the Superstreet Barracuda.




Adopting the Quality Tire Service colours to the design was very simple.  The basic black and white paint scheme made a good starting point and the red and black checkered flag motif from the website was a match. What was difficult was adopting the Quality Tire Service logo. The logo is a vertical logo rather than a horizontal logo and did not flow with the lines of the Barracuda. Guy Laird modified the logo to incorporate all the elements of the original but on a horizontal basis. Management from Quality Tire Service Ltd. approved the design and the Superstreet Barracuda had a new look.




Final changes were made to incorporate the driver name, number and class designation to the design and to add the logo of associate sponsor Knight Archer Insurance Ltd. The final design was a partial vinyl wrap applied by The Stripe Shop in Regina.




This is the Superstreet Cuda with the design applied and contingency decals added. There are some additional sponsorship decals to be added (Knight Chartered Accountant and Knight Motorsports) and a change to Mickey Thompson wheels and the transformation will be complete.


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