January 9, 2012

Racing is a passion for drag racers

(Courtesy of The Review – Weyburn, Saskatchewan – September 19, 2012)

Two Weyburn girls are laying rubber and waiting for the green light, as they compete in drag racing competitions this season. Both Alaina and Taliya Knight spend most of their spare time in Saskatoon, competing in the junior category of the Saskatchewan International Raceway.

The biggest fans for Alaina and Taliya are their parents Adam and Ester Knight. Alaina, age 10, drives a Louis Martin Junior dragster, and Taliya, age 8, drives a Martin Components junior dragster.

Both drag racers attended the Cosby Motorsports Junior Dragster School in May. Alaina won an award for being the best raced in the junior category at the Junior Thunder race on Aug 12.

Both girls competed in the Knight Archer Big Buck on Saturday, which was a shoot out for the junior dragsters. Taliya and Alaina faced off against each other in round one. Alaina won that round and won the next round, which placed her in the final race. Alaina lost the final, placing runner up for the junior thunder class.

On Sunday afternoon, the girls both competed in the NHRA wally weekend. After consistently running too fast, Taliya’s car slowed down to 12.90 and in the first round ran the perfect speed, but unfortunately Taliya hit the red light and lost the round.

Alaina raced the winner of the Knight Archer Big Buck shoot out and won the race. She then won her second race and competed in the final. In the final she won the race with a 9.48 second run at 70 miles-per-hour and was the winner of the junior thunder class. Alaina received an NHRA ‘Wally’ for that win.

Last year, Alaina drove the Martin Components junior dragster, but upgraded to a bigger and faster car this year. In her new car, Alaina can drive 74 miles an hour off the start line, which is a lot faster than she drove last year.

She is quite excited about driving new car this year, even considering that she has to work out a few bugs in the car. “It works pretty well, except for the clutch,” said Alaina. “The clutch is the problem, it will give me a feeling of a second burn-out.”

One of the biggest achievements for Alaina this year was make the “Perfect Light Club”, which means she exactly hit the line when the light turned green.

“This means that her reaction time when she hit the line was perfect,” explained Adam. This achievement is very difficult to accomplish, and Alaina received a “Perfect Light Club” sticker to place on her car.

Taliya is still adjusting to her own car as a first-time drag racer. To ensure that Taliya is not driving faster than her class, weight had to be added to the car.

“I have won a few rounds, but I have not won a race yet,” said Taliya. She has qualified to the semi-finals at least four times so far this season.
Since adjustments are being made to both of the cars, this was a challenging year for the two drag racers. Adam is confident that next season will be more successful for Alaina and Taliya.

There is a little friendly competition between the two sisters, especially since they both race in the same class. “They are pretty supportive of each other,” said Ester. “If one loses, she will become crew for her sister.”

As of Monday morning, Alaina current sits second in her points class. Both girls have one more race next weekend.

Drag racing a passion for two local riders

Alaina and Taliya Knight are in the midst of their 2012 drag racing season, as both racers recently competed in the “Big Buck Shootout” at the Saskatchewan International Raceway in Saskatoon on Sept.15. Alaina, age 10, drives a Louis Martin Junior Dragster and Taliya, age 8, drives a Martin Components Junior Dragster.

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